Declaration of sustainability Plastia

Our goals - the 5Ps:

1. Plastia Ltd. as a company

  • introduce new business models based on circular economy - remanufacturing, repurposing, reuse
  • we are working on introducing new trends in development, production and marketing
  • we are moving towards a neutral carbon footprint - we have quantified Scope 1 and 2 and are working on Scope 3
  • we see sustainability as a complex challenge and are therefore implementing the principles and metrics of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards /ESRS/ derived from the CSRD
  • we are preparing to install photovoltaic panels that will cover up to 30% of our energy consumption

2. Products

  • our products are designed for long-term consumption and reuse - reusage
  • with our products we reduce the amount of bio-waste in households - thanks to the regrow concept, we also enable their reuse, in the home composting concept their processing
  • we prepare products for repurposing - we are launching a product line: Coloured with coffee grounds. Instead of chemical paints, we use circular and organic mastics from Coffee!Up, which produces them from waste coffee grounds
  • we use recycled materials and our products are 100% recyclable
  • we design based on human centered design principles and together with users and involve students


  • we have implemented ecodesign principles into our company processees and every product is designed to be planet-friendly throughout its life cycle - even End of Life. We use laser instead of synthetic inks and VOCs in our printing, and we use no SVHČ substances
  • our products directly support biodiversity and our composters improve soil quality
  • our products do not produce microplastics


  • plastics are an ireeplaceable and wonderful material for us, which we treat with great humility and with awareness of the "bad reputation"
  • we pay great attention to the education of our target groups
  • we are preparing the introduction of take-back of our products, which will be recycled into new products


  • we could not realize any of our visions without partners. We work with universities, students, research institutes, experts - regionally, nationally and internationally
  • we realise our vision together with partners