Methods of payment

The price for the goods can be paid using the following methods:

a) cash on delivery – only for deliveries to addresses in the Czech Republic and in CZK
only if the amount does not exceed the legal limit for cash payments

b) bank transfer (payment order) to the seller’s account number:

  • For purchase orders in CZK: 2521250100/2600
  • For orders in EUR from DE, CH, AT: 4556364600/BLZ 855 901 00 EUR.
IBAN:  DE09855901004556364600
  • For orders in EUR from all other countries: 2521250207/2600

IBAN:  CZ9526000000002521250207

c) via The Pay payment gateway – by card or so-called ePlatba

          When submitting a purchase order, the buyer / payer has the opportunity to use the ePlatba service that redirects him/her to his/her online banking. The buyer then makes the payment via online banking. PLASTIA s.r.o. ships the goods immediately after the payment confirmation is received. Money transfers are made via the account of The Pay, s.r.o. Sensitive data that you enter in the online banking system are protected by the banks' payment gateways and do not enter any third party environments. Payment processors can only see information about the transaction that is communicated to them by the bank together with the transaction.

d) advance payment invoice - make the payment based on an advance payment invoice that will be sent to you.

Under the Sales Registration Act, the seller is required to issue a receipt to the buyer. At the same time, the seller is required to register the sales revenue with the tax administrator online; within 48 hours in case of a technical issue.