About us

he Plastia brand has been established in 1993 and gave name to a creation and production programme of the same name company. Plastia was founded on the best traditional principles of the European family enterprise. The basis of its success lies in creation and production of a wide assortment of components and products of plastic materials. The group name PLASTIA represents three main brands intended primarily for the European market.


A division focused on design and creation of a wide range of products for home and garden specializing in functional and design selfwatering vessels for growing of plants both in the interior and the exterior. Accessories also form one part of our production - watering cans, support and growth rests, holders and hooks for flower boxes and pots, decorative accessories, snow shovels and other products. This division has own design studio and for production it utilizes the capacity of its sister division Plastia Tech.

A great stress laid on the original utility design, variability, modul-based product brands, and a genuine respect for all the living things - they all rank among the principal added values of the Plastia production programme. An elaborate system of social responsibility aimed at helping the disadvantaged children, environment protection and sustainable development form an inseparable part of this division´s activities.

Marketing and communication are integral parts of all our activities. We regularly take part in renowned international trade fairs and put great emphasis on publicity and controlled PR. Our customers are offered a sophisticated system of sales promotion. We see marketing as a customer oriented philosophy of the company management on the competitive market. We do not take reputation and perceived quality for the means but for our long-term objective.

Plastia Tech.

A division whose production includes injection moulding and blowing of plastics as components for the automotive and electrical industries. It disposes of a drafting department working in CAD programs, and a machine tool center for production. It has been awarded with the ISO 9001:2001 standard certificate in 2003.