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“The latest technology crowned with the skills and enthusiasm of our colleagues - these are the ingredients for PLASTIA’s successful growth since 1993. It is precisely the combination of manufacturing with unexpected and state-of-the-art solutions which gives rise to our original and unique esprit. We continue to expand our portfolio of self-watering containers and other exterior and interior gardening tools to best suit our customers’ needs, but the core remains the same: excellent design, quality, and a focus on perfect product functionality. See for yourselves.”

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We develop and manufacture all our products in the Czech Republic. From here, we deliver them to more than 56 countries all over the world.

We work here together with our one hundred employees. Development, testing, manufacturing, storage and shipping to customers all happen at a single place. We are on site every day to personally supervise development, manufacturing and quality. Together, we are always looking for ways to improve and save energy, materials and other resources to minimize environmental impacts.


We combine design with functionality to bring even more joy from planting and caring about nature.

You are at the centre of all the Plastia team efforts. People who love burying their hands deep into soil and cherish their harvest of fragrant herbs, juicy tomatoes, or simply enjoy having their homes full of colourful flowers or a green jungle. We tirelessly strive to make planting with our products as easy and successful as possible. This is why we develop our products in collaboration with growers, professional gardeners and florists, and why we pay attention to every detail.

However, we go far beyond just planting. The planting of the first seed integrates the green oases of balconies and gardens into the never-ending natural cycle. Plants attract BIRDS AND SMALL INSECTS that help bring the so vital balance to nature. In turn, we can help them survive by feeding and watering them. We believe that planting goes hand in hand with COMPOSTING of all plant residues. The compost then returns to the plants in the form of quality humus and fertilizer. Our Urbalive product series is here to help you with this cycle.

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We crush and reprocess all our manufacturing waste.

We manufacture in one of the cleanest areas of Europe - the charming yet rugged Vysočina highlands.
Nature brings us life and happiness, and we invite it into our homes. We strive to provide maximum SUSTAINABILITY throughout the whole product lifecycle.


Our priority is to make sure our products will serve you as long as possible. This is encouraged through well-thought-out designs and quality workmanship.

The load-bearing parts of the containers are reinforced. Accessories are modular across whole product ranges.
WE TEST, improve and then test again! Functionality and safety are our main concerns. We develop our products with respect to plants and living organisms so that they are useful to people and beneficial to nature. After each season, you can easily disassemble and clean everything to have it ready for the next spring. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of our products.


We choose plastic materials in products where their use is indispensable and most suitable.

We also consider how to best use the various types of plastic. We combine plastics with natural materials whenever we can. Inner parts and products that are less exposed to the weather and sunlight are made from recycled plastic whenever possible. Sunlight is major enemy for plastics, so the outer walls of our containers are made of original materials. We carefully monitor our product range. We only make things which MAKE SENSE. The individual materials are clearly marked using recycling symbols. This makes it easy to recycle the individual parts of a product after the end of its service life. The individual materials can be easily taken apart to make recycling even easier. Moreover, no piece of plastic goes to waste in our manufacturing process. Manufacturing waste is simply crushed and reprocessed. We are taking small but steady steps towards a circular economy.


Each accomplished task brings new challenges for us to improve our work and make it even more sustainable.

We believe in strong local partnerships, carefully choose our suppliers, and prefer those from the Czech Republic. We minimize waste, while composting is our passion and part of our corporate culture. We eliminate unnecessary packaging materials and look for ways to re-use them. We separate waste. One way we minimize energy consumption is by using waste heat from our machines to heat our manufacturing halls. 
We believe that the young generation is the FUTURE. We teach children to care for nature and understand its principles.

If you need help or inspiration, have a look at our tips and ideas for planting with a smile on our Instagram.