Self-watering boxes: a worthwhile investment

Have you purchased your first self-watering flower box but have no idea what the wicks, water level indicator or overflow outlet are for?  Fortunately, Helen the gardener is here to guide you through the world of Berberis growing and to make sure you don´t wilt.

What you will get from the guide? 

  • You will become a balcony cultivation pro and no longer be stumped by anything.
  • You will understand how self-watering works.
  • You will learn how to assemble and plant your first self-watering flower box.
  • You will improve your watering and fertilizing.
  • You will learn about the various types of Berberis containers.
  • You will be inspired by the Berberis recipe book with its planting tips for spring to winter.


An introduction to self-watering
How it works
Why get into self-watering
Benefits and myths
How to assemble and plant a self-watering flower box
Choosing a container for growing
The Berberis recipe book - tips for planting
Care and fertilization.



We have put all our experience into the guide. We have been making self-watering containers in the Vysočina Region for 29 years. Over that time, we have created several generations of containers and 22 innovations. You will find the best of these in the Urbalive product line.

It is important to us that you grow best using our products. We are experts in manufacturing and functionality, but there is always room for improvement. This is why we involve designers, gardening experts and hobby growers in the development and testing. We also consult with them for plant growing and care tips.

Thanks to Miroslava Paclová/Hortiservis, who put her know-how into a Berberis recipe book chapter. Thanks also go out to our Instagram gardening ambassadors for their quotes and proof-reading (@pakvitko, @petrazahradnici, @z_terasy, @sita_garden, @balkonovazahrada, @zahrada_by_hela,@balconyqueenprague, @jahodova_zahrada) The graphics and copy were finalised by studio Butterflies & Hurricanes , which is also behind the new Design solution for Urbalive by Plastia visual identity.